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Cardano 1.27 is out

I notice Cardano node 1.27 is out, did some search and notice an article about the Cardano nodes crashing all the time after the upgrade. Their solution end up increase the amount of ram from 8GB to 16GB. It could be an issue unique to different environment, on that particular case it was on Azure. The discussion is here :

For me, I am hosting on AWS. I waited a couple weeks to see if any other major issue comes out, and I upgraded today. I did create snapshot of each node’s EBS volumes before I proceed.

I first do an Ubuntu update, reboot. Then I proceed to upgrade the relay node first, and block producing node last. Here is an easy to follow instruction :

One thing to note is that, gLiveView will also require an update for it to works. Just like when I first start created a node, this time after the upgrade, give it a few minutes before you run gLiveView, or else it will keep giving you an db socket missing error.

I didn’t encounter any issue during and after the upgrade. And my system requirement didn’t need to be change. I am using 2 vCPU, 8GB Ram, 40GB Storage on t3a.large instance.

Here is the Cardano 1.27 release note :

Good luck SPOs.

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