Stakey Rice is a Cardano Staking Pool providing high security, high availability for ADA delegations, sharing pool creating experience, charity, and be a node to keep the Cardano network decentralized.

My name is Tony, I work in the IT industry, live and work in the Calgary Alberta area in Canada. I only get into the crypto space in the beginning of 2021, and the first crypto I bought is ADA. After a while, start delegate my ADA to some pool, I am interested to start my own pool. I tried both AWS and Home pool setup, and now I only host it at home.

Out of all the crypto I have, Cardano is my biggest holding. I truly believe the works being done by the Cardano team, the future aspect of it’s use (such as the Africa projects), and huge support of the Cardano community. Also, Charles Hoskinson is just great, he’s done an amazing job of communicating Cardano to the world.

If you stake in my pool, I really appreciate it, and I will do my best to secure and contribute to the Cardano Networks.